Susannah and Beatrice in NYC

SusannahBeatriceBlogEarlier this month we bade farewell to one of our flock, which was sad, but we are happy in the knowledge that she will be coming back and armed with KNOWLEDGE, and that we are able to share in her adventures on the other side of the world.

Last year Susannah, our Commissioning Editor for Children & YA, won the prestigious Beatrice Davis Editorial Fellowship – the highest national recognition for the contribution editors make to Australian writing and publishing. As part of this, the recipient is sent off to New York, presenting an amazing opportunity for learning from the publishing industry there.

Susannah Chambers, off to NYC!So she has left us. And has travelled to New York for three months to undertake a research project on Young Adult editing and publishing entitled “Is it All Grown Up?”. Simply put, Susannah plans to learn as much as she can about YA publishing and editing in the US – how it’s different, and how it’s the same as it is in Australia.

She’s only been there a couple of weeks, and has been sharing her experiences, both in and out of publishing, on a lovely blog: Susannah and Beatrice.

Things we’ve learnt so far from Susannah:

Lots of interesting food for thought (and pictures of food), and plenty more to come we’re sure. Follow the links above to find out more or just mosey on over and explore

Final learnings: Downton Abbey is now a publishing genre, apparently. Who knew?!

And Susannah takes her winter clothing styling from our designer Lisa’s cover designs. Now there is a party theme idea if ever there was one.

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