Wonderful free reading app from the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Bangs 2 Jurrukuk the App!

Back in November 2013, our friends at the Indigenous Literacy Foundation arranged for some students from Tiwi College Mamirnikuwi to visit Allen & Unwin’s Sydney office. While they were here, the students made a book with the help of some Onion staff, and now the book is an app!

You can download the iPad reading app of Bangs 2 Jurrukuk for free. While you can use this to read with someone together in the same place like a book, more excitingly you can read together with someone far away!

If you have a friend or relative living elsewhere and they also download the ILF app, you can videocall each other within the app and read along together. Some Onions tested it, and found we were very good at reading along, but not so good at not chopping off our heads in the video… Here’s how it should look:

The app works by combining content and video seamlessly between readers, regardless of their location. The story is shared and comes to life as pages are turned in real-time by both readers.  Words, colours and pictures are all sensitive to touch and highlighted when activated.  This widens the scope and educational opportunities for readers to interact and learn.

Download the iPad app of Bangs 2 Jurrukuk for free and find out more about it, and the amazing work of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation over on their website. Learn more about the Chatty Kidz apps on their website.

Let us know how you get on, and what you think of the wonderful Bangs 2 Jurrukuk which was made in little over a week!

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