Celebrating Dress, Memory by Lorelei Vashti

To celebrate this week’s launch of Lorelei Vashti’s fascinating memoir Dress, Memory – charting a decade in dresses, here at A&U HQ we’ve been sharing our own clothing related memories and now we share them with you, enjoy!

First up our publisher Claire, and what better Dress Memory than a wedding dress?

Claire #DressMemory
Still love the memory of walking through the cobbled streets of Ravello on the Amalfi Coast with my two favourite people in my wedding dress!


Louise #DressMemoryAnd here’s our Publicity manager Lou with her Dress Memory:

My mum bought this dress at Grace Bros in Tamworth, the town where she grew up, and wore it often when she and my dad were dating. Apparently it was a favourite of my Dad’s. My friend and I used to dress up in this frock when we were kids and later I wore it, at fifteen, to my year 11 formal. Later still mum removed the cap sleeves for me to make the dress more 1990’s minimalistic. Now I miss those same cap sleeves.



Lil has a Dress Memory she shares with a friend:

Lil's #DressMemory

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS… After a few days in New York my friend and I separated in Bloomingdales to shop and naturally bought exactly the same dress despite the 5 levels of choice. We were on our way to Vegas and named it the Vegas dress as the stretch fit, gold thread and low back seemed to suggest faded glamour and gold digging cougars… Our first night out I won the toss and wore the dress. The evening started with a circus continued into a bar themed around a toilet and ended with me losing my friend. I wandered into the bathroom just in time to hear the cleaner ask her ‘Can I get you a wheelchair ma’am?’ It is still the catchphrase that ends all our nights out together…

Some of our staff have even worn their picks to work, with Caitlin digging out an old favourite jacket, Patty picking out a prize-winning top, and Rebecca getting ready for spring:

It hasn’t all been dresses and clothing however, as Sophie picked out these bright beads:Sophie #DressMemory

I went to Mexico City for a conference about 8 years ago. Just across the road behind the university where the conference was being held was one of the country’s largest shopping malls. One afternoon a couple of friends and I snuck out and went shopping. The shop where I found the red beads was really aimed at tween girls but we all went nuts buying jewellery, stationary and bags, to the benevolent amusement of the staff.

The beads are so bright and jaffa-like that they lift my mood whenever I pull them out to wear.

Dress, Memory by Lorelei Vashti
We’re loving seeing others sharing their #DressMemory on social media, so keep them coming on Twitter or Instagram!

Dress, Memory in the press

You can find a great excerpt from the book over at Junkee, where Lorelei tells of her time in New York, and plenty of examples of her dresses in this interview with the Daily Mail while she also guided The Today Show through some of her wardrobe.

You’ll also find Lorelei sharing regular snippets from Dress, Memory on Twitter and Instagram.

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