Come and join the Anti-Princess Club!

APC Banner logoWe are thrilled to be publishing this incredible new series The Anti Princess Club by Samantha Turnbull, which gives tiaras and glass slippers the flick.

It’s hard being a 10-year-old girl when everyone wants to turn you into a princess.

Welcome to the lives of Emily, Bella, Grace and Chloe who believe there’s more than just one way to be a girl. But when the adults start getting ideas about beauty pageants and cheerleading squads, the friends form the Anti-Princess Club with the motto “WE DON’T NEED RESCUING”.

Meet the Anti-Princess Club members

Combining their awesome set of skills, these damsels rely on each other when they’re in distress, and deliver a positive message about empowering young girls.

The Anti-Princess Club books

About the author Samantha Turnbull

Samantha is a multi-award winning journalist, and decided to get into kids’ fiction when she was browsing the book section of a well-known department store and couldn’t find anything for her daughter that didn’t feature a princess or a fairy. Samantha doesn’t like stories about damsels in distress. She likes to read and write about girls who don’t need rescuing. 

The Anti-Princess Club books are her debut novels, and will be found in stores from March, when we look forward to a flood of applications to join the Anti-Princess Club! Find out more about the books, with fun games and teacher’s notes on The Anti-Princess Club website.

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