What I learned during my marketing internship

LisaBlogPicWhen I was asked to write this final blog entry, I stared at a blank page for a while because I just didn’t know where to start or what to write. So much has happened in the past five months. So many new faces and names. So many adventures. So much that hasn’t sunk in yet.

I still remember the first day like it was yesterday. The first time walking through that front door being so nervous and still jet lagged. I have come a long way since then.

I mastered the art of Photoshop and created endless digital assets such as banners, splash pages and e-mail signatures, I can tell by the post code where a state, town or suburb is and I went through several stages of food comas. I wrote design briefs and helped create posters that now hang in our stairwell (and bookstores) which makes me a little proud.

We’ve been brightening up our reception with #colleenoakley’s #BeforeIgo!

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I have been to marketing brainstorm, cover, three month review, and sales and marketing meetings which helped me understand the process of publishing a lot. I also had amazing and interesting conversations with different people across the company to help get a better picture of each role in publishing, and how marketing interacts with other departments like sales and editorial.

Lisa (centre) with our mighty marketing ladies!
Lisa (centre) with our mighty marketing ladies!

I came across differences in publishing between Germany and Australia, such as fixed pricing and formatting, which helped me understand each country a little better and create a greater picture of the publishing world.

When I go back to Germany, I will start writing my bachelor thesis and I’ll finish university in the summer. The internship definitely made me more interested in international relations, and I can see myself working in marketing for international book agencies to combine my two favourite things: books and travelling.

But apart from these professional experiences, that will surely help me in the future, I met a great group of people to work with. They made work so easy, we always had a few great laughs and I know that I will miss them dearly.

Farewell lunch for our much loved intern Lisa!
Farewell lunch for our much loved intern Lisa!

I had the best time possible here at Allen & Unwin. My internship taught me so much and I will take away all those great memories. I have to say goodbye to an amazing team and newfound friends. My time has come to an end and there is only one last thing left to say: Auf Wiedersehen und man sieht sich immer zwei Mal im Leben.

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