International Women’s Day: make it happen as a writer

internationalwomensdayTo celebrate International Women’s Day on Saturday, we’ve been asking our wonderful authors about what the day and its themes mean to them. One of the themes of International Women’s Day is “Make it Happen”, Josephine Moon writes for us about how important support is in order for writers to Make it Happen.

Writing a book is a lot like making a child—there’s the miracle of its beginning, the gestation and all the worry and careful tending that goes with it, and the birthing (and all the pain that goes with that) and then… the next miracle—the unfathomable realisation that you created something from nothing. A totally unique being is now in the world that has never been here before and will never be again. It’s an awe-inspiring moment. And if it then takes a village to raise a child, it certainly takes one to bring a book into the world too.

Josephine Moon under cacao treeThis International Women’s Day, I’d like to pay homage to the incredible tribe of both women and men that have helped bring my book babies into the world, especially my husband.

My husband knew I would be published years before I did. I didn’t believe him; I thought he was just being nice because he was my husband. He used to walk into bookstores and point to the shelves and say, ‘Your book will be here one day!’

‘Do you know what the chances are of being published?’ I would counter, and then I would rattle off statistics to prove how impossible it was.

But I was wrong.

When you’re an-as-yet unpublished writer, it can be difficult to get people to take you seriously. It can be difficult to take yourself seriously. This is why you need your tribe of wonderful people who will not only support your dreams but make practical space and time for them too.

When I decreased my paid employment to spend more time on my craft, my husband was thrilled. While I was wracked with guilt and terror that it would all be a ‘waste’ and lead to nothing, he’d happily explain that I was an investment in our future and one day it would all come back and reward us. And even if it didn’t result in financial reward, I had to do it anyway. He never wavered.

He was the champion of my dreams when I couldn’t be. I’m not sure where my writing journey would have gone without him in my life. But I’m so grateful he was there beside me as we made it happen together.

My fervent wish is that every woman who has a story in her heart that yearns to be told is blessed with a supportive tribe of people—or even just one precious soul—to hold the faith for her and help her see that she can make it happen too.

Blank white book w/pathAfter ten manuscripts and twelve years of trying, Josephine Moon published her debut novel The Tea Chest last year, with her follow up The Chocolate Promise due out next month.

You can read about the inspirational women who helped her achieve her dream in this blog post she wrote for last year’s International Women’s Day, while her blog post on juggling motherhood and writing is also well worth a read with lots of great writing tips.

Check back all this week for more of our authors writing about International Women’s Day, and a chance to win a great book pack on International Women’s Day itself.

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