Meet our newest reviewer: 10 week old Astrid

During the publication process we often go out and get reader feedback, particularly with our children’s books, but we’re pretty sure that Astrid is our youngest reviewer yet! She’s done a very thorough job of taste-testing some of our new picture books, and those of Nosy Crow & Faber, so we look forward to hearing more from her in the future, you’ll find her reviews below!

Astrid - Hop Up Wriggle OverHop Up! Wriggle Over! by Elizabeth Honey

If you open it and turn it sideways, this book is nearly as tall as I am.  Because I am way too young to follow a narrative, I liked the fact that this book didn’t have one.

It’s got some words on the page, but you can make up your own too which is what mum and I did. The best one I made up is “Uurrrrggghuggggahhhaaaaahhaaaaaaaaa gggggaaaaaaaa gggaaaaaaaa”. It means “wombat”.

Follow That Car by Lucy Feather, illustrated by Stefan Lomp

Astrid - Follow That CarThis book tasted disgusting. Putting something in my mouth is the first test I give any new object, and I’m afraid to say Follow That Car failed it miserably. That said, the bright colours really appealed to me. It’s a gorgeous colour palette that is even richer inside than the cover suggests.

There is a lot of scope for interaction on each page, with a high level of visual activity, making it perfect for an adult to read aloud to a child. Unfortunately, this was all lost on me since, developmentally speaking, I’m just not up to it yet. Hell, I’ve only just worked out that my hands are attached to my body!


The Hog, The Shrew and the Hullabaloo by Julia Copus, illustrated by Eunyoung Seo

Again, not a great tasting book but it had plenty of other things to recommend it. In fact, this was my favourite of the lot.

Even though there were lots of words I didn’t understand, I just loved the pattern of sound that the rhyming and the repetition provided.

Actually, if I’m completely honest, I didn’t understand a single word. So it was a surprise to everyone that I sat quietly and listened to the whole thing in one go.

It was night in the village – a still, dark night –
and Harry the Hog was sleeping tight.
In her house at the foot of Piggyback Hill,
also asleep, was Candy Stripe Lil.


Find out more about The Hog, The Shrew and the Hullabaloo

Old Macdonald Had a Farm by Yu-hsuan Huang

Astrid - Old MacdonaldIf you look closely at the picture of me with this book, you’ll see that I am lying on a play mat with a farm scene on it. My great Aunty Mary made it for me. It was really great to have the animals in the story pointed out to me on the mat as well as in the pages of the book.

If, like me, you are a 10 week old baby who has never been to a real farm, I can’t recommend this highly enough as a way to add to the verisimilitude of the reading experience.

Find out more about Sing Along with Me! Old Macdonald Had a Farm.

We’ll be passing on Astrid’s feedback about the taste of the books to the production teams at Nosy Crow and Faber (maybe we should send her Adriano Zumbo’s latest book – it’ll taste much better!).

If you want to taste any of these books for yourself, they’re in bookshops now, but please wait until you get home to start gnawing on them! 

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