The Crossing: Bosch comes to Australia, as does Michael Connelly!

Not only is Michael Connelly in Australia this week for Sydney Writers’ Festival (plus events in Melbourne and Canberra) to talk Bosch and his next book The Crossing, but finally the news that fans have been waiting for – the Bosch TV series will be screening on SBS from 29th July!

And today we had them all together as one – as Michael joined us in the office for a staff screening of the pilot episode – how lucky are we!

Michael telling us about the differences between Bosch in the books and on TV
Michael telling us about the differences between Bosch in the books and on TV
Our staff are big fans, so Michael had quite a few books to sign!
Our staff are big fans, so Michael had quite a few books to sign!

Michael Connelly’s Australian events

Here’s where Michael will be in coming days:

Bosch-TitusAbout Bosch TV

While we were luck enough to watch the pilot episode of Bosch with Michael today, you don’t have too much longer to wait until it hits your screens with SBS.

After rave reviews and huge viewing figures elsewhere around the world, where it was the most viewed show on Amazon (including all movies and television), Amazon signed up the second series and now SBS has purchased the first two seasons to screen in Australia. The series stars Titus Welliver as the conflicted LAPD detective Harry Bosch, and the first ten episodes will air from July 29th.

9781760290573About The Crossing

Michael Connelly’s next book The Crossing comes out in October, and not only is it the next in the Bosch series following on from last year’s The Burning Room, it also includes another favourite character in The Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller! It sounds like a cracker too, with Bosch finally leaving the force but still with a fight on his hands. Here’s the blurb:

Six months ago, Harry Bosch left the LAPD before they could fire him, and then hired his half-brother, the maverick Defence Attorney Mickey Haller to sue the department for forcing him out. Although it wasn’t the way he wanted to go, Bosch has to admit that being out of the game has its benefits.

Until Mickey asks him to help on one of his cases, and suddenly Harry is back where he belongs, right in the centre of a particularly puzzling murder mystery. The difference is, this time Bosch is working for the defence, aiming to prevent the accused, Leland Foster, from being convicted. And not only does the prosecution seem to have a cast-iron case, but having crossed over to ‘the dark side’ as his former colleagues would put it, Bosch is in danger of betraying the very principles he’s lived by his whole career.

With the secret help of his former LAPD partner Lucia Soto, he turns the investigation inside the police department. But as Bosch gets closer to discovering the truth, he makes himself a target.


The Crossing is available to pre-order from your favourite retailer now, and is published on 22 October. You can add it to your Goodreads shelves below

The Crossing (Harry Bosch, #20)


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