Munjed al Muderis at TEDxSydney

We were very proud publishers recently as Munjed Al Muderis shared his story, and concept of a ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ at a packed Sydney Opera House for TEDxSydney. He explained how he was inspired by Terminator to develop pioneering surgery involving bionic limbs, but also what he went through prior to this – surviving an arduous journey to Australia then detention centres as a refugee, having fled certain death in Iraq for rejecting the orders from Saddam Hussein.

Watch Munjed’s talk below, and learn more about his story in this insight into life as a refugee.


Those at the Opera House were wowed, and here’s some of the audience reactions from the day:

Listening to Muderis recount his journey from asylum seeker to world-leading osseointegration expert to three theatres-worth of TEDxSydney attendees it struck me that the power of the annual event is not just in spreading new and innovative ideas but also in the first hand telling of powerful and meaningful stories that we might not often hear.
The AU review

Read a extract from Munjed’s book Walking Free, and find out more about his incredible story here, and read an interview he did after his talk about how refugees are afraid to tell their stories.

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