Our youngest picture book reviewer kicks into action again!

After devouring the last books we sent her, at ten weeks old, our roving (well, not quite crawling) reviewer Astrid (now approaching 6 months old) gets stuck into another three books and shows off her expanding range of motion and verbiage. No taste issues with the books this month either.

IMG_2306Lara of Newtown by Chris McSkimmie

I was so excited to see this book that I drooled all over it.  Big, fat, shiny blobs of drool. The reason I was excited is that the story is about one of my favourite things: a cat. We have a cat who I try to put in my mouth sometimes. She runs away but the cat in this book was perfectly still on each page. Bliss!

I suppose even if you weren’t as obsessed with cats as I am you’d find something to like in this book. There is a lot going on in the illustrations, and it’s a nice story about belonging and finding your home. And a cat. A CAT!!!

Superhero Dad

image1I was inspired by this book. Before having actually read it, I decided to give it my best right-leg karate chop. HiiiYAH!  Why don’t people kick books more often? It’s a nice change from trying to eat them all the time and really a lot more fun than you might expect.

When I got sick of kicking, I had a look inside and really liked the striped, colourful, bursting style of the pictures. And the words rhyme which is pretty clever.

I’m looking forward to knowing what pancakes are, so that I can get excited about the page when Superhero Dad makes an amazing breakfast.

The Big Monster Snoreybook

The colours! Oh the COLOURS! They are so fabulous! I would say that they are like a pack of old-fashioned boiled sweets, but I have no idea what that even is. Apparently it is sort of like a food but I have only ever eaten 5 things in my whole life. Six if you count parsnip, but that was pretty gross so I am going to pretend it never happened.

But back to the book – I pant with excitement when mummy reads this to me. Structurally, the story is a typical ‘journey’ motif, but with that post modern denial of the frame and direct mode of address to the reader which works surprisingly well for a young audience.

Obviously, I’m a bit young to get the most out of all that post modern stuff, but I reckon that by the time I am 3 or 4 I’ll think it’s fabulous.


Lara of Newtown by Chris McKimmie and Big Monster Snoreybook by Leigh Hodgkinson are out now, while Superhero Dad by Timothy Knapman is out in August.

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