Tara Winkler on How (Not) to Start an Orphanage (and why you shouldn’t)

We were hugely proud to see Tara Winkler tackle her fears of public speaking to deliver a powerful speech at TEDxSydney, on the trouble with orphanages and voluntourism, to over 5000 people at the Sydney Opera House (and even more viewers worldwide)! Topping off an incredible week, she also appeared on 60 minutes, telling the remarkable story of how she opened an orphanage in Cambodia before discovering how few of the children were orphans, and the problems that orphanages actually cause rather than solve.


She was a big hit, as you can see from comments below, where you can also replay her TEDxSydney talk, while on the Cambodian Children’s Trust website you can read Tara’s recollections of an exciting day and tackling her nerves.

Here’s a snippet of Tara Winkler’s appearance on 60 Minutes

Watch the full show on the 60 Minutes website.

You can also hear recent interviews with Tara on RN Life Matters and one from last year on the problems of voluntourism.

There’s also some great articles on Tara’s TEDx talk on Time Out and it was picked as one of the most powerful moments of the day by AdNews, while there’s a fantastic review of How (Not) To Start an Orphanage here and Tara also talked about the trouble of voluntourism with Triple J’s Hack program.

TEDx Successes

This is the third year in a row we’ve had authors attending TEDxSydney, last year Munjed al Muderis shared his remarkable story of how he went from refugee to world leading surgeon, while in 2014 Judy and Tim Sharp shared how they overcame Tim’s autism diagnosis through love and art, with Tim now a world renowned artist. Who shall we see there next year?

Munjed al Muderis at TEDx

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