The bookish web: treasure from the internets


In which we share some of the gems we’ve dug up online, and try to improve an otherwise terrible week with some bookish entertainment.

The US Presidential election has been a wild ride, but the book nerds of Twitter made it all, briefly, better. Including our own Clementine Ford:


Gif of Donald Trump saying WRONG


There is a particular look about a teenage boy that lets you know what kind of man he’ll be. A certain fullness of lips, a frank sensuality in his gaze.

Gif of Bette Davis reading and looking up from her book with a smile

Tom Gauld for The Guardian.
by Tom Gauld

Publishers rarely read unsolicited manuscripts because they are too busy fighting off murderous skeletons…

Gif from Black Books of Bernard and Manny shaking their heads

Never received your owl from Hogwarts? Never fear – the fans behind the Mimbulus Mimbletonia Association are opening a wizarding school for muggles at Château de Jolibert in Bourgougnague, France.

Gif of Amy Adams acting excited

The Great Gatsby was originally titled Trimalchio in West Egg. Lolita was going to be called The Kingdom by the Sea. And worse.

Gif of Kramer from Seinfeld telling Elaine she has blown his mind


Finally, our own Craig Silvey caused us great cheer with this delight

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