Where I Write: Kim Kane – a room of one’s own

3 - Lyrebird on displayKim Kane shares with us her writing habits, and shows us where she has been working on her new book Where The Lyrebird Calls, which occasionally requires toilet paper…

Buzzfeed recently published ’40 inspiring workplaces of the famously creative’. Now, I am certainly not famous or even famously creative, but when I see the cathedral ceilings, the peeps of rolling parkland, the soaring bookshelves, cosy kilims or the pared back, sun-drenched elegance of Georgia O’Keefe’s studio, I wonder if maybe I would be if I too had such a room of one’s own.

While the answer is probably not (there are a few middens in there, which haven’t held those creators back – Roald Dahl, I’m looking at you), in my experience, this is not how writing mums work. Writing mums tend to write on the go. Rebecca Lim sometimes writes on a slab of loo paper in the car – an ingenious system I have adopted because it really does bring the laptop up to the perfect ergonomic height. I prefer Quilton’s rather than the enviro loo paper we use at home, as the combination of Double Length and 3-ply softness really does allow for typing-with-ease.

Here’s a picture. FYI, we had to crack into this pack because I have three books off to print this week and I haven’t shopped for a month.

Toilet Paper

When Sofie Laguna, winner of the 2015 Miles Franklin Award (who recently launched my new book When The Lyrebird Calls), was asked how she writes with two small children, she said:

The work always gets done…even in the park or at a play centre, the work always gets done.

And for working mums it does. Whenever and wherever we are…

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