Nicole Hurley-Moore on finding inspiration on her doorstep

country-roadsToday we welcome Nicole Hurley-Moore to our blog, as she shares the inspiration behind the setting of her third novel for us, Country Roads.

Inspiration can be a little elusive but sometimes it can be staring you in the face. When I started Country Roads I wanted to write about a small town and it didn’t take me long to realise that I was surrounded by them.

I live in the Central Goldfields Area in Victoria. Castlemaine is a bustling place with a thriving cafe culture, an artsy vibe and beautiful Victorian period architecture. It’s a wonderful place to live but for inspiration for my fictional town of White Gum Creek, I needed something smaller. I didn’t have to go far – dotted around the area are a plethora of small towns each with their own distinct character.

Some of the towns thrive, using their uniqueness and beauty to bring in tourism. An example of this would be Daylesford which is well worth a visit if you’re in the area. Other towns seem to hang on despite the odds. So I’ve drawn on these towns and crafted White Gum Creek. It’s small with a few shops, a primary school, an old church and a pub. It’s not rich or even flourishing but it’s holding its own with the determination of the population.

hurley-moore-nicole-smlNicole Hurley-Moore came to be published by us via our Friday Pitch scheme, where we seek out submissions every Friday. Nicole grew up in Melbourne and has travelled extensively, whilst living her life through the romance of books. Her first passion in life has always been her family, but since doing her BA Honours in Medieval Literature, she has devoted her time to writing historical romance. Nicole is a full time writer who lives in the Central Highlands of Victoria with her family, where they live in the peaceful surrounds of a semi-rural town. 

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