A day in the life of a publishing dinosaur…

It’s not often we get the pleasure of meeting a dinosaur, especially one who loves books, enjoys visiting bookstores, and spreading a love of reading (and poetry).

If you’re a T-rex dinosaur
who wants to do much more than roar,
chat to the people who make books –
although you’ll get some funny looks.

Imagine if they had a need;
were looking for a dino to take the lead
in promoting a brand-new series for boys
combining dinos and robot toys.

Books that kids will want to read,
so much that they will take the lead
and beg their mums and dads for more.
What a job for a bookish dinosaur!

About D-Bot Squad

The D-Bot Squad is a super-exciting series about DINOSAUR ROBOTS for first readers, from the creators of the bestselling Boy vs Beast series – Mac Park. Introducing a world kids will love, using words they can read. Combining un-put-downable content with success-reading readability, D-Bot Squad will have even the most reluctant readers devouring all eight books.

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