Eddie Ayres’ soundtrack to Danger Music

Danger Music tells the true story of a musician who travelled to Afghanistan in 2015 to teach cello at the only music school in the country. Eddie Ayres went to Kabul as Emma and returned as Eddie, finally accepting the man within his female body.

Eddie Ayres in Kabul, where he taught cello at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music.

Throughout his year in Kabul, Eddie took shelter in the music he played, taught and listened to – Bach, Beethoven, Abba and the wildly exhilarating Afghan music that came so close to extinction during the Taliban era.

If you’ve read Danger Music, this is the soundtrack to Eddie’s life there. If you haven’t read Danger Music, then let the playlist inspire you to read this extraordinary tale of how the power of music led to an inner peace in that most surprising of places, a war zone.

Eddie Ayres in Afghanistan

Learn more about Danger Music

Read an extract from the book at The Guardian and find the opening chapters below:

Moving to a war zone was better than living with what was in my head
– Eddie Ayres

Hear Eddie talk to Richard Fidler about his experiences teaching music in Afghanistan, and what prompted his move there:

Eddie discusses his experiences with Virginia Trioli on ABC News Breakfast, which you can view below or read more here.

Read the opening chapters of Danger Music by Eddie Ayres:

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