Of Tenacity and Tim Tams (and Getting Published)

One of the participants of the recent Getting Published course at Faber Writing Academy with our Publishing Director Sue Hines shares her experiences of the course and what she learned.

My class was as diverse as the front shelves of an independent bookseller; a pediatrician, an engineer, a nurse, a farmer, an IT professional; with some of the group finding their way to Australia from Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and the UK.  … Read the rest

Confessions of a ‘young’ writer

Faber Writing Academy graduate Virat Nehru shares his thoughts on being a ‘young’ writer and what that actually means.

I remember the first time I floated the supposedly dreadful idea of writing for a living – “Oh, you mean like a journalist?” people would say, as if they had misheard me or that I had failed to classify my intention properly.… Read the rest