Meet the author: Chevy Stevens

In 2010 Allen & Unwin published a remarkable debut thriller, Still Missing by Chevy Stevens. We knew this was white-knuckle, read-in-a-single-sitting material, and we wondered how we could build up the excitement that we were feeling so that the Australian book trade would be buzzing with anticipation too.… Read the rest

2013 staff picks: Michael Duffy’s Drive By

Every year we point a gun at our staff and force them to chose their books of the year. Not an easy task, you understand, to pick just one adult fiction, children’s fiction, and illustrated book from the hundreds that we’ve published (or distributed for our overseas publishing friends) during 2013. Read the rest

What I’ve been reading… Tampa & more

Tampa’s controversial, and so is the cover!


Ahhhh! This book! An easy prediction for the most talked about novel of the year, Tampa is a slice cut from the life of one Celeste Price, beautiful blond middle-school teacher and sexual predator with a predilection for 14 year old boys.… Read the rest

The Debt: Phillip Gwynne

I feel sorry for kids in fiction, I really do. The horrors of impending adulthood are bad enough, let alone having to battle He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named; compete in the Hunger Games; be ‘unwound’ by your parents; or any of the other myriad crises that coming of age in fiction bring. … Read the rest