Munjed al Muderis at TEDxSydney

We were very proud publishers recently as Munjed Al Muderis shared his story, and concept of a ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ at a packed Sydney Opera House for TEDxSydney. He explained how he was inspired by Terminator to develop pioneering surgery involving bionic limbs, but also what he went through prior to this – surviving an arduous journey to Australia then detention centres as a refugee, having fled certain death in Iraq for rejecting the orders from Saddam Hussein.… Read the rest

Sami Shah on “boat people” and refugees

Australians are obsessed with ‘boat people’. Despite being a nation built by refugees who arrived on the isolated continent on an armada of flotation devices, in recent years the national discourse has taken a decidedly unsympathetic approach to others hoping to achieve the same feat.… Read the rest