Stay With Me: confronting Domestic Violence and Mental Health issues

Maureen McCarthy’s latest novel Stay With Me tackles domestic abuse head on, a very important issue and one that is particularly timely. With over 34 women having been killed so far this year as a result of domestic violence, and a new report from Curtin University highlighting the long lasting mental health impact of domestic abuse, these topics are brought to the fore in Maureen’s story about a young mother, fleeing for her life from an abusive husband.Read the rest

Susannah and Beatrice in NYC

Earlier this month we bade farewell to one of our flock, which was sad, but we are happy in the knowledge that she will be coming back and armed with KNOWLEDGE, and that we are able to share in her adventures on the other side of the world.… Read the rest

2013 staff picks: Man Made Boy by Jon Skovron

What happens when you throw together a stellar line up of characters from across mythology and literature (think Medusa, mermaids, satyrs, harpies, trolls and many more), along with some typical teenage troubles such as parents, bullies, love, self-image and that question of what on earth do I want to do with life?… Read the rest